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Opening Reception of 'KCCUK Artist of the Year: Yunchul Kim' < 17 September 2018, 6-8pm> Dear all...

by admin_2017  /  on Sep 06, 2018 23:14
Opening Reception of 'KCCUK Artist of the Year: Yunchul Kim'
< 17 September 2018, 6-8pm> 

Dear all,

How have you been? I hope you are well and had a great summer. As you may know, I left the KCC on great terms and this exhibition is my last project at the Korean Cultural Centre UK.  

Please accept my personal invitation to the opening reception of our upcoming exhibition, 'Artist of the Year 2018: Yunchul Kim'.

The 'Artist of the Year' is an exhibition held annually at the Korean Cultural Centre UK of a South Korean artist who has made a significant impact on the modern and contemporary art scene today. This is Kim's first solo show in the UK but his works have been shown at some of the most prestigious art institutions in Europe, including ZKM, Ars Electronica Centre's festival at the moment and Naturhistorisches Museum Wien. Pushing the boundaries of art and science, Kim's interdisciplinary research explores the artistic potential of metamaterials and fluid dynamics. 

Please feel free to bring any guests along with you if you wish to. 

Please do also sign up to our exhibition mailing list following the link below to regularly hear about our upcoming exhibitions. 

Thank you very much for your time in advance and I very much look forward to seeing you.

With best wishes, 

Je Yun 

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