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KCC House Concert in February 25 Feb 2021 - 7pmVENUE:Online, KCCUK Youtube A variety of classical...

by 유로저널  /  on Feb 25, 2021 22:47

A variety of classical music performances to enjoy at home

We will be hosting the talented trio of violinist Mabelle Young-Eun Park, cellist Ellen Baumring-Gledhill, and pianist Dafydd Chapman.


Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) Piano Trio No.1 in D minor, Op. 49

I. Molto allegro ed agitato

II. Andante con moto tranquillo

III. Scherzo: Leggiero e vivace

IV. Finale: Allegro assai appassionato


The Piano Trio in D minor was composed in 1839, and it is one of the most renowned chamber music works of Mendelssohn. The first movement is in a sonata form, and starts with an intimate cantabile theme. The next movement, Andante, is a slow melodic movement introduced by the piano. In contrast, the third movement, Scherzo, is light and lively. The passionate Finale movement brings the piece together with a virtuosic yet lyrical touch.

Check out the trailer here.


Mabelle Young-Eun Park - Violin

Mabelle Young-Eun is a violinist from Seoul, Korea and was born in Germany. She graduated from Yewon School and Seoul Arts High School, where she was on the academic honour roll every year and received merit-based scholarships. She is currently studying at the Royal Academy of Music with So-Ock Kim as a full scholarship student.

Mabelle was selected and sponsored by the Dongri Culture Foundation where she received the Music Potentiality Scholarship. She performed as a soloist at the Sejong Culture Center and gave invitational performances at the Moscow Music Center, Carnegie Hall in New York and the Tokyo College of Music. She was also invited to national events such as the Deoksu Palace Culture Festival and Jongno Hanbok Gala, and won 1st prize at the Seoul Youth Chamber Music Competition. She won the MTNA Competition in America, Washington Performing Arts, Hanneum Philharmonic Orchestra Competition, Eumak Chunchu Competition, Sung-jung Music Competition and more.

Ellen Baumring-Gledhill - Cello

Ellen is a 19-year-old cellist from London studying with Felix Schmidt as a Scholar at The Royal Academy of Music. She began learning the cello at the age of 5 with her uncle Dr Oliver Gledhill and continued to study with him at Junior Guildhall as D’Addario Strings Cello Scholar where she was awarded the Principal’s Prize at the end of her final year.

Ellen was the only cellist to reach the Strings Category Final of BBC Young Musician 2020, and in October 2020 she won the Lutine Prize (Junior Guildhall’s most prestigious Award) at the competition final at Milton Court Concert Hall. She was a Gold Award winner at the New Talent British International Youth Music Competition (2018 and 2020) and in 2016 won the national Emunah Young Musician title, as well as Most Promising String Player Awards at Hatfield and Southend Music Festivals. She has participated in masterclasses with Miklós Perenyi, Philippe Muller, Maria Kliegel, and Gary Hoffman. In 2018 she attended the Young Artists Summer Program at the Curtis Institute and in 2020 was awarded a Scholarship to the Virtual Summer Cello Festival.

Dafydd Chapman - Piano

Dafydd is a first year undergraduate scholar studying piano at the Royal Academy of Music with Mei-Ting Sun. Originally from Cardiff, he began learning the piano at the age of 4 and went to the Cathedral School Llandaff on a music scholarship.

From the age of 9, he attended the Junior Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and where he studied with Nicola Meecham. One of his first major achievements came at 11 when he was awarded a cash prize for achieving the highest mark in the country that year on his Grade 8 piano. He won the Beatie competition in the junior conservatoire and was awarded the Gareth Jones Award, allowing him to continue studying at the Junior Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama on a full scholarship. In 2015, Dafydd won the Junior RWCMD Concerto Competition, which allowed him to perform the Chopin Piano Concerto No.1 with an orchestra at the age of 13.

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