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2020.06.22 05:49


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    Yi Rang 2021.02.04 12:54
    Dear   CEO  ,  Business development query 
    Joint research on the way to cope with another mutation to come 
    Mutation COVID-19  Treatment "Native platform natural products" manufacturing and production cooperation in your country. 

    We value new therapeutic substances research, collaboration and trust.
    Now there is a need for innovative new methods to treat human blood infection viruses.

    Use antiviral drugs for the treatment of all viral diseases produces the mutant viral antigen of this disease.
    To cope with the emergence of another virus in the future, difficulties such as this covid-19 will face national paralysis and crisis

    The reality that treatments have been studied by a chemical approach has never been cured anywhere in the world.

    After infection, reduced levels of human immune cells (CD-4 / 8, platelets) are damaged by the aggression capacity of the Virus.

     COVID-Various mutant virus treatment mechanisms of disease,
    0 "After virus infection, the decline of immune cells (CD-4/8, platelets) begins, but it is very difficult to regenerate and restore normal values.
         It supports the production of two types of white blood cells, called B cells and T cells, and active immune activity.
    0 "Recovery of degraded immune cells can only recover and maintain normal levels of COVID-Various mutant virus treatment mechanisms of disease,

    This perfection is the realm of God.

    Immune cell generation occurs every moment, but only maintaining normal levels will enrich your life.

    It is a reliable evidence of the therapeutic effect "natural platform food"
    Test name ---------------- Test result --------------------- Reference value-- -------------- unit

    HBsAg -------------------- Neg (<0.05) ------------------- -Neg <0.05- ------------------ IU / mL

    Anti-HBc ------------------- Pos --------------------------- --11.64 ----------------------- mIU / mL

    Anti-HBs ------------------- Pos --------------------------- ---- 11.8 --------------------- --mIU / mL

    Live-attenuated Immune Cell Blood Test Record .
    Hospital blood test record proved to cure hepatitis with "native platform food" after human virus infection .

    Blood infection virus treatment is a natural substance that grows naturally in many countries around the world and can be easily collected and manufactured by anyone.

    0 " I propose to cooperate with you, your company and nutraceutical manufacturers for the manufacture and production of blood virus  ther  apeutics.
    Production and manufacture of bioblood virus therapeutics of native substances is very simple. 
    After infection, immune cells continue to decrease, causing serious severity of blood and organ pain.

     "Native platform natural products "  required for the manufacture of therapeutic substances.
    This therapeutic substance does not conflict with drugs, food, fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, injections, drugs and lifestyles.
    "natural platform food"  North Korea, North America, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia have a wide variety of native substances.

    0'   Algae AI mutant virus treatment' native platform natural products' manufacturing cooperation

    As with annual events, soil pollution and groundwater damage caused by the decay of our country's motherland will suffer great damage, and it cannot be converted into an amount.

    It is the pain that leads to future generations.

    This is an opportunity to succeed in manufacturing Korea's first artificial intelligence treatment vaccine.
    Young individuals, adult chickens, ducks, pigs, cattle, poultry, airborne viral infections,
    It is a proposal for cooperation in the manufacture of vaccines for prevention and treatment of sources after infection.

    The emergence of a new virus, a natural substance that can cure any mutant AI virus

    All Mutant Virus Treatment With a therapeutic beverage solution formulated with "Native Platform Natural Products", it is a therapeutic substance for a therapeutic mechanism that can be accurately cured at any time.
    This natural product is a drinking solution made of natural substances that live in natural regions such as Korea, India, Southeast Asia, and China.

    It does not conflict with food, medicine, injections, pesticides, fertilizers and contaminants.

    Even while the infection is progressing, the treatment mechanism can confirm excellent efficacy.
    The emergence of mutant AI is prevented by using immune cells after the individual is cured, and the production of therapeutic vaccines can be completed in a short time.
    A therapeutic vaccine made from dead vaccine culture material that is not transmitted and does not replicate and multiply,
    The advantage is that mass production is possible in a short time.

    Definite evidence of the therapeutic effect "Natural Platform Natural Substance"
    Live Attenuated Immune Cell Blood Test Record

    I propose to manufacture a safe therapeutic vaccine.
    Thank you.
    Kim  Yi  Rang
    Senior Researcher
    Resistant Virus Lab


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