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what's on programmes visit usCulture June - August 2021KCCUK’s Spring/ Summer programmeShowcasing the vibra...

by 유로저널  /  on Jun 03, 2021 02:22

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June - August 2021
KCCUK’s Spring/ Summer programme
Showcasing the vibrancy of both traditional and contemporary Korean culture and spanning the realms of film, art, music, and literature, we are pleased to announce our Spring/summer programme. Both in-person and online events are available, so, there is something for everyone. Find the event highlights below. We hope they will be of interest.
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Until 2nd June
K-Pop Lyrics & Album Art Contest
Submission deadline: TODAY!
A chance for any K-Pop fans, lyricists, artists, or Korean culture enthusiasts to showcase their creative talent. Submit an entry and get the chance of being credited as a lyricist or album artists on music streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Melon, and KakaoMusic.
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Visual Arts
8 June – 21 Aug
Royal Palaces of Joseon
For our first in-person exhibition since the Lockdown, we are excited to share this special exhibition which introduces the breath-taking shrines and royal palaces of Korea’s Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). Four royal palaces and one shrine will be presented through photographs, videos, and traditional papercrafts.
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10, 24 June
KCC House Concert

In partnership with Guildhall School of Music & Drama, this June we will be welcoming two special editions of the KCC House Concert.
10th (KCCUK YouTube 7 pm) - Pianist Jongsun Woo and Soprano Holly Brown
24th at the KCCUK Hall – Pianist Jongsun Woo and Cellist Alicja Kozak (Reserve your place now)

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5 June, 12 June, 19 June
Korean K-Cuisine Saturday Workshops
This hands-on half-day workshop will be hosted by Westminster Kingsway College. You will learn how to make Korean dishes from a Chef Lecturer. The classes are for all levels and abilities giving you the opportunity to try something new and experience incredible flavour combinations.
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Apply by 12 June 5pm
Korean Speech Contest
You have 10 days to finish your speech! Apply now to get the chance to win an LG Desktop Monitor or wireless earphones. To apply, all you need to do is fill out the Application Form and submit a short version of your draft Korean speech video (up to 1min).
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17 June - 8 July
London Korean Film Festival: Teaser Screening
Our exciting lineup of Teaser screenings starts on 17 June. Discover the best in contemporary Korean Cinema. Films showing are Hong Eui-jeong's beautifully shot Voice of Silence, action-packed Korean megahit Deliver Us From Evil and stylish 90s-set drama Samjin Company English Class
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23 June; Apply by 16 June
When London meets Korea: The Walking Tour
International travel is still limited so we are bringing Korea to you. With an exclusive London walking tour, you can experience authentic Korean culture, history, food, and more.
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23 June - 12 pm
Korean Literature Nights: I’m Waiting For You

Korean Literature Night in June will read SF novel I’m Waiting for You by Kim Bo-young. The author and the translator Sophie Bowman and Sung Ryu will be joining on the ZOOM Webinar.

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24 June, 22 July
Traditional Korean Music Workshop series
For this new Korean cultural course for spring/summer 2021, Musician and researcher Dr. Hyelim Kim will introduce various aspects of traditional Korean Music. This series will give you a chance to explore and gain in-depth knowledge of traditional Korean music.
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Until 27 June
K-Music Showcase
Thank you for joining us for the 2021 K-Music Showcase. If you missed the live performances, not to worry, there is still plenty of time for you to watch them again. So that you can enjoy listening to them for another month, all three episodes are available on the KCCUK Youtube channel until 27 June. Don’t forget that we’re planning a live K-Music Festival in October, so stay tuned.
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Until 9 July
Korean Film Nights: Filming Against the Odds
We conclude our landmark KFN season exploring pioneering female directors with Lee Mi-rye's 80s megahit My Daughter Rescued From The Swamp and Lee Seo-gun's groundbreaking Rub Love. Both will be available on our YouTube channel from 10 June. You can watch the delightfully humorous A Princess' One Sided Love until then. 
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More events
Until 16 August
Photography Contest: Hangeul I met
On the theme of ‘Photos related to Hangeul that we meet in our daily life’, the National Hangeul Museum is accepting submissions for its photography contest from 18 May to 16 August 2021. Send a photo related to the Korean alphabet – Hangeul – to enter the competition.
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Korean Cultural Centre UK

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