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Don’t miss the world premiere of acclaimed choreographer Sung Im Her’s W.A.Y.

Uncompromisingly intense this performance sees four dancers use repetitive movement alongside an entrancing composition by Belgian musician Husk Husk, to explore the human need for individuality and the longing to be part of something bigger than oneself. The piece flows between a myriad of uncertainty and fear as well as joy, to illustrate this conflict in life.

  • Tickets: Book by Wed 25 Aug to get an Early Bird Discount: £12 / £8 (concs) | Standard price £17 / £13 (concs)
  • Post-Show Talk, Fri 17 Sep: Join the choreographer Sung Im Her after the show for a discussion about her work.

About Sung Im Her

Sung Im Her's choreography strikes a balance between a stripped-down, almost formal aesthetic and a content-driven narrative style. She explores the essence of movements, unburdened by cultural or personal meaning, this leads to a minimalist, raw style of movement with strict, geometrical choreographies that are based on iteration. Her work has focused on controversial topics and she informs her views on these matters through rigorous research which she integrates into her choreography.

Production Credits

Choreographer: Sung Im Her

Original dancers: Sidney Barnes, Jin Han Choi, Francesco Migliaccio, Sung Im Her

Original composition and live music: Husk Husk

Dramaturg: Philip Stanier

Original lighting design: Hyung Sun Tak

Supported by the Korean Arts Council, ARKO Partner and the Flemish Government

Residencies with Cambridge Junction, Winchester University

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